When problems pile up, the best approach is to divide and conquer.

Since 2021 started off in juicy fashion, with record virus numbers in many countries and a set of retarded activists (for whom the word retrumplicans was coined) occupying the US capitol, let us count our blessings.

First, the seat of US democracy is unharmed—given the high firepower and low intellect, a real tragedy was in the making.

Second, the election results were approved—Biden is unequivocally the new president of the US.

Third, by January 20th the orang-u-tan will be history—written with a very small H.

Fourth, the Covid-19 vaccine is a success with respect to efficacy and lack of side effects.

All this is heartening stuff.

The attack on the capitol was the predictable outcome of the rantings of a tinpot would-be Adolf. Unlike the strong men of yesteryear, leaders who fronted the crowd and either rose to glory or were mercilessly cut down, Trump goes down as a leader of jesteryear.

Everything trumpian is jesticulation, buffoonery, and carpetbag quackery—a travesty of power to which I would have remained happily indifferent, were it not for the fact that the world has endured four years of this smarmy, unctuous cunt, and all the harm he’s done.

One final viewing of a timeless characterization. This British lady expresses her view during a visit by Trump to one of his golf courses in Scotland.

At his doorstep, and of those who rode his coattails, we can lay the pandering to dictators worldwide, from Putin to Kim Jong Un, the unprecedented attack on European allies and European unity, the universalization of fake news and alternative truths, and the deaths of so many Americans in 2020—triple those in the First World War.

His final fart took place as Europe moved into the ‘Day of Kings’, when Orthodox Christians gather for Christmas Eve.

The ‘House of the People’ was filled with folks who came bearing arms, answering the call from a craven, self-obsessed man whose actions they worship. They made no secret of their identities, which will make their prosecution a fairly rapid affair.

As usual in such groups, just as in any school classroom, there were a few leaders, a number who were easily led, and a coterie of hangers-on.

This interview speaks volumes about the mental state of the invaders, and if taken seriously, the potential for a congressional bloodbath.

I’m not sure if this guy is demented, taking the piss, or was busy laying the groundwork for his legal defense in the coming days. But I do know that feeding fantasies with lies, as the lame-duck president has systematically done, is at the core of this societal fracture.

Many voices this week said ‘this is not America’, and it isn’t. But the capitol invasion added the US to an unfortunate club of nations whose democracy has been violated. Like a rape, the stain of shame doesn’t disappear.

I hope America learns from this—some by forgiving and others by changing. Only simple minds, and those who perfidiously exploit them, see things in black and white.

Society is very complex, just as family is. There are no deep conspiracies, no cabals of child molesters that govern nations, at least democratic ones. And you cannot split America into bad and good—there’s some of both in all of us.

And yes, there’s racism in America, as there is in Europe, in Russia, in China. But no European nation ever elected a black president—America, where blacks represent under fourteen percent of the demography, has elected both a black president and vice-president.

So there is hope. Maybe what happened on that fateful night will lead to a fresh start. When terrible things happen, people come to their senses—the paradigm shifts, things are never the same.

My wish for 2021 is that all this pandemic will morph into more dem and less panic.

The India Road, Atmos Fear, Clear Eyes, and Folk Tales For Future Dreamers. QR links for smartphones and tablets.

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