History will be made on Tuesday. Either the United States gets its first female president, or Americans make the worst choice since the republic was created.

I subscribe to the view that there are no good choices—what we have here is poor and lamentable.

Nevertheless, if Tuesday, November 8th, delivers Donald Trump to the White House, I will never forgive myself if I don’t write a little prehistory today. Maybe I can change one US voter’s mind, tally one less vote for Trump.

There are a number of good, smart, and trustworthy US citizens who could have been on the stump on Tuesday. They include John McCain, Michael Bloomberg, Carly Fiorina, and Martin O’Malley. And yes, Bernie Sanders.

But none of them got there—some didn’t even try.

The America I know so well, the nation that has always welcomed me with open arms, deserves much better than these two—but given the stark choice between flu and cancer, you catch the flu.

These last weeks have been the climax of a toxic campaign—as soon as Trump got on the stump, that was inevitable. Why? Because he doesn’t discuss ideas, he attacks people.

From Little Marco to Lyin’ Ted, the stage was set from the start. And if you don’t seriously discuss policy, then your opponent can’t rebut your argument, and the whole thing becomes a cat fight.

That polarizes your supporters, who follow your example—it makes rivals enemies, and neighbors foes. Parents contaminate kids, schools become battlegrounds rather than communities, it’s as toxic as gets.

Blame Hillary Clinton for emails, for cozying up to Wall Street, and for decades of insider politics. Skip the email bit, and you could replace Clinton’s name with Bush, Reagan, Obama, Kennedy…

Is the email issue a deal-breaker? Only if was done to avoid scrutiny. That hasn’t been established, and doesn’t hold water. First, Clinton is not stupid, and she certainly remembers the Lewinsky email trap. Second, she knows some things can be written, some only spoken, and some not even thought. Third, the secure communications at her disposal are plentiful, including encrypted cell phones and other platforms.

Goldlock, which I researched for Atmos Fear, is the best commercial example of multiple cross-platform encryption. Clinton, like any other person in a sensitive position, has multiple communication options if she wishes to avoid scrutiny—therefore avoiding FOIA, or the Freedom of Information Act, seems a bit of a stretch.

Was she stupid to do this? Of course. Should that deliver America to Trump? Of course not. Practically all US politicians have supplementary personal email accounts such as Gmail, and huge federal agencies are already run by Google.

Let’s talk about Trump. Not those grope stories, the Howard Stern stuff, but the consequences. My big concern is that Trump is a political groper, not a man who thinks actions through and delivers.

The risk for Tuesday, and right now I see it as a huge risk, is that for the next four years America will grope immigration, grope foreign policy, grope healthcare, grope  economics, and grope terrorism.

The issue is not whether the man is endearing, it’s whether he has the nouse. He doesn’t. He’s a man consumed by his ego, ‘the man who stands before you without a guitar or a piano’—or brains.

A very dangerous proposition, and one that China and Russia would welcome, because with Trump in charge, the USA will make serious mistakes. And when the consequences of these become obvious, the president will come up with some version of ‘it’s not my fault.’

Reasoning and common sense don’t come into the arguments.

Immigration: build a wall
Terrorism: bomb the shit out of ISIS
The economy: lower taxes and watch it soar
Healthcare: revoke Obamacare

Take any of these and ask for detail, and that’s the end of the story. There’s no narrative, but all these issues are connected.

The low-paying jobs (which Trump has always used, both at home and abroad) are done by immigrants or in China. Immigrants come because gaps are there to be filled, and the people who own the gap are not ‘bad hombres’, they’re bad men—they’re US citizens, most likely not even Latinos, and they’re hiring.

Lack of jobs in the US, promotion of decent employment in the country of origin, and no war in the homeland, that’s the wall you need. There’s a reason why the US is full of Somalis, Afghans, and Sudanese—war. That’s what brings Syrians to Europe.

Syrians are like Americans, Somalis, or Portuguese: no one wants to leave their home.

Repatriate US jobs by imposing tariffs on China. Take a moment to reflect on the products you possess. Your phone. If it’s a Huawei, you’re excused. If it’s an iPhone, you’re not. Made in China, stealing jobs from US workers—from your friends and neighbors.

A five-star hotel near an American airport costs two hundred bucks a night. In China, it’ll cost you thirty-five bucks. Ballpark, your seven hundred dollar iPhone 7, which you can only ‘afford’ on credit anyhow, would cost four thousand bucks.

What do you think that’ll do for jobs in Ohio? And for iPhone sales, not to mention Apple engineers in Cupertino?

For every difficult problem, there’s a simple solution. And it’s usually wrong.

Don’t let this man grope the country, leave him to his pathetic little pastime of groping women. And one of these days one of them will turn round and knee him in the nuts.

The India Road, Atmos Fear, and Clear Eyes. QR links for smartphones and tablets.

The India Road, Atmos Fear, and Clear Eyes. QR links for smartphones and tablets.






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