Introducing The India Road…

The web has completely changed media distribution, and levelled the playing field for images, software, music and video. Anyone from any country is a potential provider, and a potential buyer.  CDs are gone, DVDs are going, and only one thing is left in analog. The written word.

Despite online publications, blogs, e-books and all other efforts, the book fights back. Music is limited by the quality of your earbuds, video by the size of the screen, but books are thriving. However, for a book to flourish, it must get published.

I have written a book about the discovery of the maritime route to India by Vasco da Gama, a XVth century explorer from Portugal. The book started life as an historical non-fiction work, but I thought it would be more interesting to introduce a few fictional characters to help tell the story.

I started this blog to help promote the book, and to explore the potential of the internet for sharing thoughts and ideas. Every few days I’ll post some material,  and we’ll see how things go. Just a couple of warnings – these events take place during a pretty violent period, far more so than the present times, despite what we see on TV. Also, people in the Middle Ages had sex, just like we do (otherwise we wouldn’t be here). The book has both elements (though not gratuitously), so if you’re under 18, or easily offended, this is not a place for you.


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